One day we will know. (Quakebake Newsletter - Part 1)

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Subject: One day we will know. (Quakebake Newsletter - Part 1)

Dear Friends,

This time you will receive my email newsletter in 3 parts over 3 days, to keep them a bit shorter and having you guess longer what it is all about.

Today starts with a riddle for you. Would you know the answer?

Imagine there is a pristine lake somewhere in New Zealand. One day a new type of water lily gets introduced to the lake.

This beautiful water lily is growing very fast. Let us assume that every day it doubles the area it occupies on the lake.

After half a year the water lily finally covers half the lake.

Now the question for you is, how much longer will it take the water lily to cover the whole lake area?

Take a moment to think the question through, maybe re-read the few lines above.

Tomorrow you will receive another riddlle, but you don't need to wait for today's answer. If you want to find out, simply read the "PS:" at the end of this email.

Kind regards

Robert Haas
Quakebake Ltd.
New Zealand

PS: Not too hard a question is it? The answer is in the subject line, because the answer is formed by the first two words of the subject line.

PPS: I was pleasantly surprised, that our regional newspaper Hawke's Bay Today took up my email newsletter about nuclear power and kindly published it as a whole article (titled "Nuclear plants exactly what we need?" , printed on the 2 November 2007). Very laudable gesture. I take it, that our local paper indeed does try to represent and express the views and diversity of our community to a much greater extend than we like to acknowledge.

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