YOU could be holding the answer. (Quakebake Newsletter - Part 2)

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Subject: YOU could be holding the answer. (Quakebake Newsletter - Part 2)

Dear Friends,

Yesterday you found out, that the fast growing water lily would only need one more day to cover the whole area of the lake, because while it took the lily half a year to cover half the lake, it will take her now only one more day to double again, and hence the other half of the lake will be covered too.

Pretty quick isn't it? (It's called exponential growth, and it is hard to get one's head around, that one, because it eludes our imagination somewhat.)

Today's riddle follows now, via a real life example from the USA.

Located in southwestern Indiana in the USA is the Gibson coal fired power plant. To produce electricity, the plant opreates five boilers. You won't be surpirsed to hear, that each of those boilers burns a lot of coal. In fact it is at a rate of 25 tons per boiler. Would you know what time it takes to burn the 25 tons? Each boiler burns 25 tons of coal per minute. Yes, you read that right, 25 tons of coal per boiler, per minute, every minute, all day, all night! All five boilers together burn 125 tons of coal every minute. To transport that volume of coal, you need lots of railway wagons, in fact a fully loaded train with a hundred wagons will not even last one and a half hours in peak season.

So, what's the question then?

The question this time is somewhat different, because if you read the subject line carefully today, you will know already the answer more or less, but what is the real question?

"How could YOU help stop that gigantic Gibson coal plant from gulping coal at that fantastic rate?"

Puzzled by this question?

Now, I wouldn't know your own answer really, but tomorrow I will try to give you my answer.

Don't worry, you won't need to send me an unsubscribe email right now. I won't pester you with anything along the lines of; sign this petition; or become member of such and such group; or become politically active; or whatever you are imagining right now.

Quite the opposite, I will have a very simple, efficient, yet startling answer, which will require you to do nothing at all J.

Kind regards

Robert Haas
Quakebake Ltd.

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