Summer Salad Recipe

Now, with all the sunshine I felt it might be time for a quick and simple green salad recipe (vinaigrette style). The recipe idea is to not use simple sugar, but some apricot jam or honey for sweetening it. Which will add an easy and wonderful refinement to your standard salad vinaigrette. Your family or friends might not even notice where the flavour comes from, but they will notice the increased depth of flavours.

Obviously just a mix of green salad and some bread or crackers isn't enough to make a complete meal. So if you like add a few slices of warm chicken breast (char grilled or pan fried) and turn the salad into a summery mains dish.


  • 3-4 tbsp. white wine vinegar
  • 1-2 tsp. honey or jam i.e. apricot (without the junky pieces)
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • season with salt and pepper (freshly milled) to taste


Toss one bag of ready mixed salad (mesclun etc.) into the salad dressing, place slightly off centre (if you are going to add the chicken breast).

Arrange the chicken breast slices partly on and off the salad in a fan like manner.

Topping the salad arrangement with chopped parsley and toasted hazelnut pieces will add to the overall flavour composition. A few cherry tomatoes wouldn't harm the appearance :-)

Serve with fresh ciabatta or french stick.


When you slice your chicken breast, season each slice a little with salt and pepper (just seasoning the outside before cooking the breast isn't giving you the best flavour result).

When buying a ready made salad mix from the shop, I always wash it again, to make sure it is as clean as I prefer it (it astonishes me on a regular base, how much dirt, bugs etc. are still in pre-washed salad mixes! - maybe this is part of an organic salad mix?)

This goes really well with a Gisborne chardonnay - maybe even an organic one like Millton Vineyard's "2004 Gisborne Chardonnay Opou Vineyard".

Ah, and yes you can order this wine online from Millton's web site.

And no, they haven't sponsored me with a bottle of wine to say nice things about them :-(


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