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Comments in general:

“Just a quick note to let you know I've been really impressed with your service. You've done a great job of making the customer feel 'special' and that we're buying a great product...”

- Jessie O'Conner


“Sweethearts are my favourite, because they keep really well. So when people call in unexpectedly, I bring these out with coffee and if I take them out of the packet fast enough it looks like maybe they are "home made" (which they are, but not by me!)

They are very good to have on standby.

I gave some as gifts last year, and my friends appreciated them too.

They turn up on the courier faster than expected, and well packaged.

I am not bothered about the gluten free / healthy side of them, to me they are just very yummy and that is why I buy them.”

- Angela Payne

“The sweethearts arrived this morning just as I was leaving, so I took a couple for a birthday morning tea at work - will see how my colleagues like them. some will go to a friend as birthday present, and the rest....won't last long. Will try with red wine (if they last long enough for me to buy one...).”

- Anja Scholz

Gluten free Hazelnut Biscotti:

“Your biscotti is the best in the world. I am delighted to say I was able to bring it in to Australia and I am enjoying every mouthful.

Absolutely delicious and I think every coffee shop in Hawkes Bay should have it available for their customers. Being gluten intolerant, I was very pleased to discover I can eat your biscotti and it is an added bonus to be able to have this wonderful treat with a chai latte.”

- Tex Houston


“Fantastic!! These are so tasty and go so well with coffee!!”

- Mike Osborne

“The Yumlets arrived safely - of course once they got here they were not safe anymore, hehehe....”

- Anja Scholz

Coffee Bean Biscotti:

“hmmmhmmmm a very yummy, delicious taste!”

- Martina Gitzel


“We like the Yumlet Gingerbread of Quakebake for its rich flavours. In the past we used it to make our own icecream or to serve with coffee instead of a biscotti. On the current menu we use it as part of a blue cheese dish. The combination of the blue cheese with the figs and port wine works very well together with the gingerbread. It even delights people who not normally like the blue cheeses so much.”

- Malcolm Redmond (executive chef at Church Road Winery Restaurant in Taradale, Hawke's Bay)

I asked Malcolm if he would like to share the recipe with us. You can find it here: Blue Cheese and Mascarpone with Port Wine, Gingerbread and fresh Figs


“German-born Robert Haas is putting a New Zealand spin on his cookies and crackers. Harakeke is New Zealand's native flax bush and Robert uses the flax seeds for a flavour he describes as "nutty and earthy" - perfect with a cup of tea. The horopito, or pepper tree, is used for its leaves. "They are like a herb and impart a peppery taste".”

- Kate Newton, 48 Hours Supplement, Hawke's Bay Today

“The gingerbreads are a surprise: moist and tangy, with a lovely, chewy texture, sliced elegantly for a genteel treat. The biscotti are adventurous, with saffron/coconut and coffee bean flavours getting top billing.”

- The Press, Christchurch

“Quakebake: Goodies, so good you'll be trembling for more. Does that sound a bit addictive? If the answer is 'yes' then you are closer to the truth than you know. It has been weeks since my lips wrapped around a Quakebake Sweetheart but the flavour is so lodged in my memory, (I can taste it as I write) that I have to have more.”

- food2Go, Auckland

“If baking is not your forte, you can order delicate gingerbread hearts online from Quakebake, Napier. Go to www.quakebake.co.nz and select Sweethearts. They would go well with raspberries and cream or could simply be served as an accompaniment to coffee.”

- Wyn Drabble, Hawke's Bay Today

“Congratulations to Quakebake Ltd. greener and cleaner than ever before. Quakebake is the first bakery in New Zealand to go carboNZero®.”

- Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust Newsletter, Hastings

“Robert Haas, baker and owner of Napier's organic Quakebake, sees carboNZero as evidence of New Zealand's "ingeniousness... It's time for early adopters and innovators to make their future brighter."”

- The Listener, Auckland

“The fledgling e-commerce site specialises in organic German gingerbreads and Italian biscotti. Quakebake prepares its products in small batches and sources ingredients locally whenever possible to preserve a home-cooked feel. The range of biscuits and slices is certified organic by third party Organic Farms.”

- New Zealand Herald, Auckland

“Of course, the main reason for the insistence on organic is to be “Earth-friendly” but Robert also believes there is a taste bonus: organically grown foods often taste better, he says.”

- Bay of Plenty Times, Tauranga

“Robert has also devised two special biscotti – a saffron and coconut combination for dunking, either in coffee, or more decadently in champagne or wine, plus a gluten-free alternative, hazelnut and lemon. Like Quakebake's gluten-free espresso slice, it's just as popular with non-gluten intolerant customers as with those who have to watch their diet.”

- Lifestyle, Hawke's Bay Today

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